Christian Foundation of the West and Planned Giving

Christian Foundation of the West works with individual givers, churches, ministries, and professional advisors in the area of charitable giving to transform our community for Christ.

Who We Are

Christian Foundation of the West (CFW) provides stewardship services and resources that help to fund Christian ministries and other charities that contribute to building God's Kingdom in our local communities.

Through giving we can help others.

Christian Foundation of the West's Core Values


1. Encouraging Generosity

We seek to develop faith, vision & gratitude in people towards generosity

2. Developing Capacity

We seek to equip the Christian community with the tools, resources, knowledge & best practices for effective stewardship & generous giving

3. Facilitating Relationships

We seek to bring together like minded people / ministries with charitable desires to explore & experience their full potential

4. Creating Legacy

We seek to influence current & future generations for lasting impact

5. Kingdom Resourcing

We seek to attract & release financial resources to Kingdom Work



We apply biblical principles to stewardship & financial management in all aspects of our work

CFW brings deep industry expertise, experience and capability to its donors, churches and charitable organizations, all within a strong base of Christian values. As a 501 (c ) (3) public charity, CFW can accept your charitable gifts, and serve as Trustee of charitable trusts, endowments or other funds on your behalf, for multiple charitable purposes.

CFW Brings Over 30 Years' Experience From Industry Leaders Within Its Staff & Board In The Following Areas:

  • Donor Advised Funds
  • Charitable Trusts 
  • Gift and Estate Planning
  • Church and NPO Endowments and Long Term Funds Management
  • Stewardship Training and Resource Management

Please explore our web site to learn all of the ways CFW can serve as your Christian Community Foundation.


CFW is associated with the Western District of the Missionary Church

Our mission also includes serving the broader Christian community in the Western and Southwestern US. We serve independent evangelical churches that can benefit from CFW's services within this geographic area. 

Families and individuals committed to Christian giving and seeking help with charitable gift planning and estate planning may work with CFW in a confidential setting, at no cost or obligation. We also manage donor advised funds and charitable trusts for families and individuals.


In 1981

...a group of businessmen from the Western District of the Missionary Church Inc., felt led to start a fund to plant new churches and support them financially until they could support themselves. They observed that in the early stages of a new church, more people received Christ for the first time than people did in many established Churches. As a result, Western Loans was established and operated similar to a credit union. Funds were collected and deposited into interest bearing accounts and then loaned out to new churches.

As the churches grew, they paid back the loans and the funds were recycled so that the church planting program could multiply. The program was very successful and the demand for funds increased. The newly appointed Western District Superintendent saw the need to expand the churches ability to take in certain kinds of gifts.

He determined that a foundation would best serve the need, so in 1992, Western Loans evolved to become the Stewardship Development Foundation. The foundation expanded the district's ability to take in complex gifts such as real estate holdings, appreciated stocks and bonds, or a family business.

In 2005, the Board of Directors voted to expand the reach of the foundation. They felt that a Christian Community Foundation was needed in the Southern California, the West and Southwest US areas to support the needs of the Church at large. As a result, Christian Foundation of the West was born. The number of seats on the board was expanded to accommodate other denominations and ministries. Since then, CFW has formed strategic partnerships and alliances with several Christian organizations that help educate, promote, and support the mission of CFW.


Statement of Faith

We believe that the entire Bible is the inspired and authoritative Word of God.

We believe that there is one God, eternally existing in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God, conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, and was true Man and is true God.

We believe that God manifest Himself through the Holy Spirit, a person eternally coexistent with the Father and the Son, who indwells and empowers believers.

We believe that we are created in the image of God, and that we have sinned and are in need of a Savior.

We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins, and offers salvation to all who believe in Him.

We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ was resurrected in body, ascended into Heaven, and will soon return to earth in glory.

We believe that there will be a bodily resurrection of all, with the saved to everlasting joy in the Lord's presence and the lost to everlasting suffering.